Charleroi: Pittsburgh Volume 2

Released on: April 1, 2016


People Change Their Minds

You were set to sail at sea so young
She was only 17 I’m told
This is not about assigning blame
But it was wrong when she left you

You were just a boy when she moved on
Though I’m told that you were better off
Still I wonder if you wonder too
Where did she go

And people change their minds
And she was happy once
Like a mother keeps her children
Close enough to reach her hands

And I know it’s been a real hard year
But I’m hoping you can let it go
Cause you still have so much love to give
To those who still need you

Hear Your Heart

I can hear your heart from here
Though you’ve long been in the ground
And through earth and 60 years
It’s a soft, familiar sound

And I never saw your face
Before Jesus took my eyes
And I don’t know what I’d say
If I’d found you still alive

I can hear your heart from here
I can hear your heart from here

And it’s so hard to forgive
Though I know why it was done
And I know it broke your heart
When they took away your son

A Part

Wishing I was born another
Year or two it could be worse
Heard she was a teenage mother
Heart it was a painful birth

Somewhere in the hills of Pittsburgh
There’s a kid who looks like me
Sleeping softly with his mother
Wonder if she thinks of me

I was a part from her
I was a part from her
I was a part from her
But I am a part of her

There’s a sparrow at my window
I was not an orphan long
I’m not saying that I hate you
I just wonder where we all went wrong


Summer was all we had
Wish that we’d been older
In my weaker times
You’re still on my shoulder

My one time love
My injured blood
My songless bird
My sweet interred
I will never know

Dresser where I found
Papers of my father
Charleroi my home
She was my first mother

I still look for light
This did not destroy me
I was given love
You can now rest sweetly

Fare Thee Well

Prepare them not for sunrise
We’ll watch them go
I often see your small ghost
In funeral clothes

Prepare them not for war time
They’ll sing its tune
I left you on your own child
10 years too soon

Fare thee well
Fare thee well

Prepare them not for long lives
In soil immersed
We speak by your small headstone
You left me first

Nothing Can Be Changed

Cover my heart
I am walking down the path she loved
Two cedars grown
Only seedlings when her face was young

Forgive my doubt
I was only told I’m better off
Let not her stay
In that motel room she passed alone

And nothing can be changed anymore
And nothing can be changed anymore
Set forth her plate
She is welcomed at the table now
Look not for blood
To the same earth we will all return