Released on: Feb 18, 2014



And you're finally out
As you draw your first
And the air was cold but
You will never know

And I tried to find
The heart to hold
But my arm was tired
Had to let you go

But I hope I made you well
I hope I made you well

So I wish you well
As you're on your own
And I hope you find
Wherever is your home


Though I'm not the one who made
The body and the blood
I won't let you down
There's an elemental bond
In us that won't be found
But you're in my heart

I can hear the sound of rain
Falling through the floor
There's a quality of pain
For you she will endure
That measures out her


When you wade in water wide
Without a map to steer
I will comfort you
When you find the other side
I will still be here
To measure out my


I could love you
I would sew the seeds again
If you take down
Your justified defense

If they chase you
Because you are not the same
I will run too
And call you by your name

Have I only let you down
May I lay beside you now

In the backyard
Where they tore your clothes away
So you scrubbed at
The blood to wash away


Oh my God is it over
Smiling devil on my shoulder
Cut the cord for the leaving
Fatherless for a season

How we break long division
I will miss all her children
Fall from grace and your favor
From now on only stranger

But you took your breath from me
But you took your breath from me

Cast my bones to the casket
Tell her how long it lasted
Hold a place in the mortar
Lay her down here my daughter

Root her seed to another
I was her native mother
Never thought I could save her
Please remind her I made her


There's fortune in the furlough
And on the other side
Wrap ourselves in blankets
The coming of a bridge so wide, so high

It's murky in the meadow
As we draw in the lines we threw
And leveraging the ledgers
Forgetting all the blood we drew

But what I do remember
What I do remember is you

It's hollow in the harvest
What I've lost I count for gain
Filling up the firmament
Visions of the one you gave away


Come quickly flood to drown
This soylent heart I've found
Sinks me down like stone
To burden you no more

Com spectre's, all surround
The quickening, furrowed ground
With broken mind and tongue
The creature I've become

You are the blood In my chest
The bird Gathering nest
The sea Which won't rest
Till I'm home

Come lover carry on
This picayune passing dawn
And haunt this hollow hole
The dance with me your ghost


We were proud and young
Broken fool with lovers' lungs
She the risen seed
Her the shallow breath I breathe

Like a dog I run
She the rabbit chased and won
Through a field of trees
Lost her way was lost on me

Should I hold on
Should I hold on

Summer's end will call
She the rise and both will fall
To the cold return
And no longer for her I burn


I offer myself to you
Though I am a broken thing
A cardinal with severed wing

In morning to hide my face
Though I am a sunderer
Guised in maternal grace

Heir to a crippled crown
My little elysium
My God how I've let you down

Let me fall
Through the ground
Where you fell
Back to you

We burn like Centralia
Lost in the ash below
hoping to find a home

So far may you run from me
To cities with living leaves
No fire to fear beneath


How long should I hold to the hope
That I'm still in your heart
When should I concede that the best of my years were apart
From you

I'd swim half an ocean to see how it feels
In your arms
I read into every reflection I pass for the part
From you

And I will look for you
Till they put us both back in the ground
And I will call for you

Would you recognize the young boy
That you kept for a day
I wonder how much you regret that they kept me away
From you

And I will look for you
Till they put us both back in the ground
And I will call for you
Till my throat cannot make a sound


I'm overwhelmed
She stopped in for a spell
I found her true
Like she had always knew

She visits me
On Sunday afternoon
A firmament
I welcome to this room

Sister dressed in mourning hue
Fall to me sent of better rooms
Leave me in water colored plumes
And melodies
Traces of a girl that I once knew

In evening now
She shadowed in the grey
Her covenant
To slowly slip away


And after the rains came
And washed out her remnant

And looking for traces
Of bloodlines in faces

And you remind me of the breath
That I drew
For you the shadow of a ghost

There's lions between us
They'll cut us to pieces

And before the sun came
Forgotten her old name

And you remind me of the breath
That I drew
For you the shadow of a ghost
No more


Take me back
Father's arms
Able still
Now withered gone

I will never speak your name again
I will never shall we still pretend


Ten lions on a hill
Their mouths are opened wide
They call to you with love
But blood is in their eyes

Her arms were opened wide
Her legs upon your chin
Your breasts were wrapped in white
Held tight against your skin

Come lie in the light with me
I want you fears and all

I see you like a child
Your shorter hair is grown
She holds you like a pearl
She lost among the thorns

Ten lions on a hill
Now satiate your blood
So rest ye now above
In shelter from their harm