Released on: May 12, 2015


I Had to Carry Her (Virginia's Song)

I saw her lying there on the table buried in flowers cross that I made for her
Kneeling beside you next to my mother weeping like willows
I had to carry her

I’m sorry it took me two years to come home
Ive been so busy you should see how the kids have grown
I’ll tell the children how much you loved them
They’ll never know you
I had to carry her

Falling On My Sword

I was singled out for pushing at the wrong door laying down my guns
Spreading like an ocean fucking for devotion til I cannot bleed myself
You falling on my sword
I’ve given you the coffer my twenties and a daughter
What else could I bring?
Now you stand on the shoreline shining like a bright light but it’s not for me
You falling on my sword


Relax this won’t hurt a bit
Close your eyes and think of better times before you’d given in
I’m not enough to make you better
Look back for I’m still standing here and I will spread your ashes from the bridge to the city where we lived
I’m not enough to make you better.


Should you survive the fall from branches we have climbed and lost yourself in years the ones we left behind
Should rivers run between your frozen heart and mine and words we spoke so young were cast before our time

I’ll come for you if you want me to
Should all your sons forgive their fathers where they fell and wrap them for the cold to rest their winters well
I’ll come for you if you want me to Pittsburgh


I’ll watch you go into the dark where I cannot follow anymore
I’ll hold your hand across the bridge who will be there waiting there for me
span id="track6"> I’ll understand when you break free but I will be a beacon in the dark
I’ll watch you slip away


As we drive down North of 85
Passing state lines like a ghost
As if you might still be alive
Holding onto what I can even
Though it’s just a lie
That doesn’t matter anymore

You were a lovely child prettier than I knew
You lost your husband in the war plus all that I have put you through
There is a love I have I never gave to you
That doesn’t matter anymore

Ghosts of Penn Hills

Could I please have a minute to catch my breath?
Everyone that I loved has been left behind
Not the kind who would tend to believe in ghosts but I see them every night

Had a dream that I was just a boy again and my father was young and still full of time
Now my grandmother’s body is in the earth but I see her every night
I will love you till the ghosts of these Penn Hills will bring me where you are
I was woke by the baby at 5 am
Found out later that’s when you left and I hope that it’s true that we will meet again
And I’ll tell my girls your name but I’ll miss you all the same